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For the most current information on my workshops, please visit the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops website, and check my blog postings for periodic updates. 

Teaching photography is one of my passions. I've taught in the classroom at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee (now Oklahoma State University-Institute of Technology) and Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa. For more than two decades, I conducted large format and landscape photography workshops in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Utah, and until my recent move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I served on the advisory committees of the Visual Communications Department of Oklahoma State University-Institute of Technology and Tulsa Technology Center.

My workshops are offered by other institutions and organizations. For more than twenty years, I taught at least one seminar each summer for the Rocky Mountain Nature Association at Rocky Mountain National Park. On occasion I've offered private seminars by request, and sometimes I collaborate with other instructors.

My approach to instruction is all about the student, and never about me or my personal preferences. While I'm teaching, I do very little shooting for myself. Most often, my classroom is the natural environment in which I encourage students to develop their own vision. Rather than encouraging them to watch what I do or look at subjects as I would, I help them find, analyze, compose and capture images that appeal to their own sensibilities.

Criticism, in my view, should always be offered constructively and when I observe student frustration, I help the individual work through it and find solutions. Ernst Haas once said that he never criticized a student too harshly, for what he might have observed as a poor execution might, in fact, be a good beginning. I took that observation to heart. I also encourage all questions and usually begin my workshops by telling participants that there are no foolish questions when they don't have the answers, and there is no need to fear the reactions of other students to their questions.

To give you a feel for my approach, I provide links to some of the documents I've prepared for past events.

Here's an introduction to one of my Rocky Mountain seminars

And here's an article about filters for landscape photography.

Most photographers and students are now embracing the digital medium. For those of you who have moved in this direction, I have prepared the "discussion" found at this location.

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